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We take our fiduciary responsibility to our clients very seriously. American Legacy Construction’s cost estimations begin with developing budgets and cost control methods to assure every dollar is responsibly spent on the owner’s behalf. In addition, American Legacy Construction will prepare a conceptual budget based on the project requirements that are established during the design phase. 



Information about the project’s facility will be combined with cost information from the subcontractor’s input, current supplier pricing and our historical database that is regularly updated with data from on-going projects to assemble a conceptual budget.



Each project goes through detailed study to recognize the requirements and challenges so that a detailed, tailored construction plan is developed.

Design + Build

Design and build project’s will help not only in finishing the project faster but will add more cost beneficial values. Resulting in less money and superior results.

construction management

Ensuring communication with on-time delivery is essential in our field. We provide a dedicated portal to each client which allows monitoring of daily tasks.

We Offer Services To Support Business And Sector Development In The Commercial and Industrial Sector.

aditional services

Commercial, Insdustrial and metal structures

Bulk warehouse's

These properties are usually regional distribution for various types of products and require strong accessibility for trucks entering and exiting the highway systems.

Multifamily Real Estate

Simply put, multifamily real estate is a residential property with more than one unit. For investors transitioning from residential to commercial real estate investing, multifamily properties are an easy first step since the tenant base is familiar.

Full Service Hotels

Full-service hotels are often located within the central business districts or tourist areas and offer a number of amenities, such as room-service and fitness centers, for travelers

Mid-Rise Apartments

Mid-rise apartments are typically between 4-11 stories and house anywhere from 30-100+ units. These projects are found closer to the urban core, where a developer can justify elevator service and garage-style parking.

Medical Office Buildings

Medical office space is professional space designed around the needs of the medical field and can be the most valuable and stable investments in the office world.

Strip / Neighborhood Shopping Center

Strip centers are smaller retail properties, often serving as neighborhood retail, that may or may not be large enough for anchor tenants. These centers are intended to provide customers with their day-to-day conveniences.