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Due to increased efficiency, design-build projects are delivered faster than projects using the design, bid, build process. We see your building project as a significant investment in not only meeting immediate demands but also establishing a foundation for future success. ALC’s design-build process and team of experts help you make the most of that opportunity.

With American Legacy Construction, you benefit from:

  • Streamlined accountability – All aspects of a project are linked to a single point of responsibility, enhancing communication and maximizing resources.

  • Better quality – Throughout the process, the entire team works together to maximize functionality, design, and cost effectiveness.

  • Greater cost control – With definitive costs established during the schematic design phase, clients have increased control over potential changes.

  • Faster completion – Design-build projects are delivered 33.5% faster than projects using the plan-spec-bid-build process.

  • Reduced risk – Collaboration in the early stages reduces project risks associated with cost and schedule.

As important as the process is, the people behind it are just as crucial. That’s where we really separate ourselves from the rest of the competition.